Sexy Swede Supercar Design

Koenigsegg CCX profile

Supercars are known for their box like shape, not in the same sense of a SUV. They are typically as low to the ground as possible and wider than most trucks. The design of the Koenigsegg CCX is no different. When I first saw pics of the pre-production CCX, I thought the designers went too far. The CCX design grows on you. The design has improved little by little over the last 3 models. The front wrap-around windshield creates that fighter jet look and feel. The narrow center moon-roof screams Nissan to me, but its integration with the rear window was smart thinking. I am sure its value becomes apparent when inside the belly of the beast. The doors are just as wild, they open similar to a Lamborghini but swivel down and rest at a 45 degree angle. The rear view and the profile are both very striking. The new optional carbon fiber wheels with their narrow spokes look great on the car. The entire car makes use of light weight materials. Its hard to believe that the design is 10 years old with the release of the CCX or Competition Coupe 10. This car’s design is very unique, which is a hard thing to pull off with so many different Supercars out there today.
Koenigsegg CCX top-view
Koenigsegg CCX side-view
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